Check our availability and reserve the dates

Give us a call, send us an email or fill in the contact form. Do not forget to mention the dates, the destination, the number of persons and any other preference you may have and our company representative will contact you shortly!

Confirmation of Reservation

Your reservation will be confirmed only after the necessary advance payment (40% of the final price). Reservations for whom, the advance payment has not been received will be cancelled after three days.

Terms of Rental Agreement

After the confirmation of the deposit payment, a copy of your rental agreement will be sent to you.

Necessary documentation

Copy of passengers’ IDs and passports


• All payments can be made by credit card or bank deposit.
• The total fare shall be paid before the departure of the boat


Bluemagic Charters IKE in sures all vessels with full insurancein order to ensure the maximum coverage for you and your company.

Weather Conditions

Departures are carried out normally unless the wind in the point of departure exceeds 6 Beaufort. Departures are not carried out if the port authorities forbid it for any reason. In this case you will be fully refunded. We note that 3-5 days prior departure we have a reliable weather forecast, so you will be contacted to make the final confirmation of the booking.

Cancellation Policy

With a view to ensure maximum satisfaction, BLUEMAGIC CHARTERS implements the following cancellation policy: If the cancellation takes place 15 days prior to the agreed departure, you can either:
- have the advance payment fully refunded or
- have your booking transferred to another available date without extra charge.

In the case of a several-day (3-day charter or longer) booking's cancellation, only 50% of the advance payment will be refunded. For all cancellations carried out less than 15 days prior to the departure no refund is available.
In case of extreme weather conditions (>6 Beaufort) on the day of the transfer / tour, full refund will be available. Alternatively, the booking can be transferred to the next available day without extra charge.

On Board

Upon arrival at the predetermined point of departure you will be asked to sign all necessary documents (if not signed by email) for the rental of the boat and to settle any remaining payments. The lessee / operator of the vessel must necessarily have the original ID card or passport.
Upon receiving, a detailed presentation of the boat is being made and you will be asked to sign a declaration of acceptance of the vessel and the list of equipment it carries.

Fuel cost – Tailor made itineraries

For tailor made itineraries the fuel cost will be calculated from engines’ trip computer.
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